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  • Review Process Overview: Public/private Education Facilities & Infrastructure Act (PPEA) of 2002. (This informative flow chart was prepared by Chris Lloyd of McGuire Woods Consulting to represent decision-making paths within the PPEA process). [download id=”2″]
  • Model Procedures: Public/private Education Facilities & Infrastructure Act (PPEA) of 2002 [download id=”3″]
  • Senate Bill 681: Full text of the Public-Private Education Facilities and Infrastructure Act of 2002 Link to Virginia state web site
  • The Thomas Jefferson Institute for Public Policy: Innovative and Workable Ideas for Building Schools (a very practical examination of PPEA issues and opportunities.) Download PDF
  • Falls Church RFP (provided for reference only): Falls Church is the first city to take advantage of the PPEA legislation (SB 681). [download id=”4″]


  • English PPP Brochure – A leader in public/private partnerships and design-build projects (full-color brochure) [download id=”5″]
  • English PPP Flyer – Design-Build Partnerships with English Construction (one-page, full-color flyer) [download id=”6″]

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