Construction is not what we do…it's who we are.


Safety at English is not just what we talk about, it is what we do.

The employees at English are the most important part of completing any project.  Through continuous training, diligent effort, and a dedicated work force, English strives to create a safe work environment for every employee and every client. Our top-to-bottom approach to safety enables our employees to go home safely every night to their families—and it also allows us to provide a competitive price for all of our clients and partners.

Safety is something that employees at every level must embrace. Our company culture requires every employee to attack safety head-on with adequate training, adequate equipment, and adequate support from every level of English Construction. Through open communication within English Construction, we are constantly learning from each other and bettering our safety program. Open communications with our clients and partners also allow us to tailor our safety program for the specific needs of a site, product, or client.

Our Safety Program keeps our employees working, keeps our clients’ projects moving, and brings us new, talented employees as well as new clients and partners.

Safety is accomplished through continual effort by all…and is repaid with a lifetime of success for everyone.