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  • Completed: June 30, 2012
  • 169,000 Square Feet
  • 400 Bed Facility
  • 16 miles of Utility Piping
  • 250,000 Gallon Water Tank

The Meherrin River Regional Jail Alberta Facility is a 400-bed jail with 169,000 square feet located in Alberta, Va. This facility is the main location for the Meherrin River Jail Authority. It is a pre-manufactured steel building with masonry veneer on the front face of the building. The housing area is double-stacked manufactured steel cells.  In addition, the housing unit is connected to the  administration building where the  medical facilities, kitchen space, a warehouse, and shop are located.  The two buildings are connected by a secure enclosed corridor.  The project also included a 250,000-gallon water tank connected to the town of Lawrenceville by eight miles of utility piping.  An additional eight miles of sewer lines were also included in this project.