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How Do These Partnerships Work?

The most common scenario is for the private entity to build the desired facility and help the government, school, or authority obtain financing. This arrangement allows the public entity to know exactly what the total cost of the project will be before any money is spent (with the private entity assuming the risk of a Guaranteed Maximum Price, or GMP).

A public/private partnership allows public parties to solicit proposals for desired projects—and even to accept unsolicited proposals. This can greatly streamline governmental procurement procedures by eliminating the need for a lengthy public bidding process, burdensome allocation hearings, or referenda.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, a public/private partnership gives institutions and localities far greater latitude in the initiation of public projects, the sources of funding for those projects, and the selection of vendors.

Translated, that means it will give you the freedom to:

  • fast-track your construction;
  • eliminate change orders;
  • avoid cost overruns;
  • enjoy private sector efficiencies;
  • free your mind from worry.

The Million-Dollar Question

From the beginning, English Construction has handled more public/private projects than any other construction firm in Virginia. The projects highlighted on the following pages will show you how our public/private, design-build projects have benefited others across the state.

Talk to any of the government, school, or authority officials mentioned in the pages that follow, and then ask yourself the million-dollar question: If these folks are fast-tracking their construction projects so effectively with public/private partnerships, then why in the world aren’t we?